Friday, April 9, 2010

Vintage Radio Show Ads For The Shadow

The Shadow is one of my favorites to listen to.I have almost every episode! Click the pictures to view bigger.

Space Patrol

A highly successful franchise, Space Patrol was a retro juvenile serial featuring the adventures of the steely-jawed redoubtable Commander Buzz Corry and his wet-behind-the-ears sidekick Cadet Happy as they combat various 30th-century baddies across the Solar System and beyond. Originally a television series, the same actors reprised their roles for the radio version, which ran concurrently with the TV show from the fall of 1950 to the spring of '55. The outfits and sets on the TV show were vintage cheeseball sci-fi, at best laughable by even fifties' standards; however, freed of the sorry visuals, the radio incarnation comes across much better, even managing to introduce some rather sophisticated scientific concepts such as black holes, inertia-based space flight, anti-matter, and engineered space habitats.
Perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of this series are the hilarious commercials for Chex cereal and various Space Patrol toys. All shows were in standard half-hour format.